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Wellness Coach - Renaissance

Type: Full-Time (40 hours per week)

Job Summary

To promote the mission of PATH to help individuals achieve a more independent and fulfilling life by leading the Renaissance Department in providing integrated wellness services.  Responsible for the overall development and leadership of PATH’s Renaissance Services Integrated Care in accordance with PATH’s mission, values, and principles.

Specific Duties

  1. Guide Renaissance Services in its mission to enhance individuals’ quality of life in supporting and ensuring that an emphasis is placed on Integrated Healthcare.
  2. Assess the Renaissance Schedule to ensure that there is an effective complement of wellness groups and activities.
  3. Contact all physicians seen by the individuals served in Renaissance Services to introduce yourself and ensure that their office is aware of PATH’s involvement in the care of these participants.
  4. Communicate with physicians directly when addressing the needs of individuals with complex integrated care issues.
  5. Collaborate with PATH psychiatrists regularly.
  6. Provision of health-related groups including psychopharmacology, in consultation with program RN and psychiatrist.
  7. Creation of a robust, informative and enjoyable health and wellness-oriented culture including wellness contests and wellness fairs.
  8. Linkage with community health care organizations with the purpose of a greater understanding what they may offer the participants e.g. Nazareth Hospital offer’s evening lectures
  9. Recruit a variety of health-related speakers for onsite presentations.
  10. Assess Renaissance participants to determine medical needs and ensure that the PRS staff collaborates with the individual and schedules an appointment regarding identified needs.
  11. Support participants with Tobacco Recovery.
  12. Support individuals in their wellness by developing wellness plans when the need is identified such as a nutrition or exercise plan.
  13. Track scheduling and completion of all age recommended testing including mammogram, prostate exam, etc.
  14. Maintain a supply of health-related materials accessible to participants.
  15. Assist participants in learning about any medical issues they have such as Diabetes.
  16. Engage in home visits to evaluate food status, food choices, medication status and general safety when appropriate.
  17. Educate staff regarding new trends in integrated healthcare.
  18. Assist with preparation for annual State Inspection for Licensing and assure team’s compliance to regulatory requirements. 
  19. Meet regularly for supervision with Renaissance Program Director.


LPN certification or Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy; At least two years of experience working directly with people with behavioral health issues, physical disabilities or intellectual disabilities or any combination; Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite; Excellent writing skills.


Renaissance Adult Day Program, Philadelphia


40 Hours per Week


$59,867.00 annually  

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