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Residential Skills Trainer


To promote the mission of PATH to help individuals achieve a more independent and fulfilling life by being an effective and engaged team member in a residential program for adults with intellectual disabilities (ID).

Specific Duties

  1. Support individuals by providing assistance and training in all areas of daily living, including, but not limited to the following:
    a.   hygiene, grooming
    b.   care of clothing, laundry
    c.   cooking, nutrition, dietary needs, meal preparation, menu development, grocery shopping
    d.   household maintenance, cleaning
    e.   budgeting, banking, comparative buying, financial documentation in accordance with  PATH’s  Fiscal Policies and Procedures
    f.    leisure activities, recreation
    g.   appropriate social skills
    h.   utilizing various modes of transportation for community integrated activities
    i.    awareness and use of community resources
  2. Participate in the Individual Support Planning Process by:
          a.   attending and contributing to annual and ancillary meetings, as scheduled
          b.   assuring individual’s rights are respected, implemented and consistent with DPW/ODP       regulations
          c.   implementing program outcomes
          d.   documenting outcome progress
          e.   completing monthly reports
          f.    supporting individuals’ independence as defined in Independence Time Summariesand program plans
  3. Assist individuals in maintaining good health by:
          a.   assuming knowledge of  individual’s medical history and current health issues
          b.   assuming knowledge of an individual’s physician and ancillary health professionals
          c.   accompanying an individual to medical appointments or emergency service, as necessary
          d.   communicating with supervisory and healthcare staff about the health needs of an individual
          e.   adhering to PATH’s Medication Administration Policy
  4. Assure individuals’ safety in the home by:
          a.   teaching safety precautions in the home
    1]   conducting monthly fire drills, which includes checking the fire extinguishers and smoke alarms daily
    2]   submitting repair requests for maintenance items
    3]   notifying supervisory staff of emergency/ health & safety concerns
          b.   Teaching safety precautions in the community by:
                1]   assisting in mobility training and awareness of traffic signs
                2]   assuring “stranger” awareness
                3]   learning emergency contacts
    4]   assisting individuals in maintaining and carrying personal identification
  5. Address various individual needs by:
    a.  communicating with co-workers and the appropriate supervisor
    b.  reviewing communication logs during each shift worked
    c.  documenting daily in all communication logs
    d.  communicating with families, guardians, advocates, neighbors and other program staff in a professional manner
    e.  notifying the on-call supervisor of emergencies via team cell phone
  6. Support and assist individuals in maintaining their home by involving the individual in:
          a.  shopping for food and other household purchases
          b.   preparing meals, as appropriate
          c.   managing weekly household expenses
          d.   weekly household cleaning
          e.   self medication as needed
  7. Acquire a minimum 24 hours of training annually, within required time frames, including, but not limited to:
          a.   Medication Administration and annual reviews
          b.   Fire Safety
          c.   CPR
          d.   First Aid
          e.   Infection Control
          f.    Crisis Intervention
          g.   Diabetes certification, as needed


High School Diploma or GED required.  Experience preferred in working with the ID population or co-occurring ID/MH population.  Must be at least 18 years of age and be physically able to perform the functions of the job.  Valid driver’s license preferred.


Northeast Philadelphia


$12.12 Per Hour


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