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Residential Rehab Specialist IV

Type: (Full-time)


To promote the mission of PATH to help individuals achieve a more independent and fulfilling life by being an effective team member to provide quality services to residents of the BH Adult Residential Program.

Specific Duties

  1. Support individuals by providing assistance and hands-on skill building in all areas of daily living including:
    1. self care and hygiene
    2. laundry and care of clothing
    3. meal preparation, nutrition, dietary needs, menu development, grocery shopping
    4. household maintenance and cleaning
    5. budgeting, banking, comparative buying and financial documentation
    6. leisure activities and recreation
    7. awareness and use of community resources
  2. Actively participate in residents’ program planning process and support residents’ independence in choosing goals
  3. Assure residents rights are upheld and residents’ personal choices are respected                                         
  4. Ensure daily shift notes are completed and document residents’ progress toward goals within those notes
  5. Communicate with your supervisor about residents’ progress on goals and provide feedback to individuals regarding their efforts toward their goals
  6. Utilize flexibility in varying your levels of support to residents in order to facilitate their rehabilitation goals as individual preferences and needs may vary from day to day
  7. Assist individuals in maintaining overall health and wellness by:
    1. Becoming knowledgeable of individuals’ medical history and current health issues
    2. Accompanying individuals to medical appointments and emergency services as needed
    3. Educating individuals on healthy living choices and/or recommendations made by his or her doctor to improve health and wellness
    4. Monitoring medications taken by residents in accordance with agency procedures
  1. Monitor residential sites to ensure health and safety of residents by:
    1. Teaching safety precautions in the home and community
    2. Conducting fire drills, which includes checking the fire extinguishers
    3. Submitting repair requests for routine maintenance issues
    4. Notifying supervisory staff of emergency issues
  2. Assist individuals with gaining access to needed psychiatric, medical, social, residential financial and other services appropriate for the individual
  3. Assist individuals with obtaining access and availability to meaningful activities appropriate to their ability and interests   
  4. Notify supervisory staff of emergencies and urgent issues in a timely manner
  5. Provide crisis intervention services to individuals according to agency procedure
  6. Follow petty cash policy and manage weekly site budget for petty cash and resident funds according to procedure
  7. Provide opportunities for residents to engage in community activities and accompany residents on the activity as appropriate
  8. Document any non-routine incidents on an incident report form prior to leaving shift when incident occurred and notify supervisory staff according to the incident reporting policy
  9. Communicate with co-workers and supervisory staff utilizing the site’s communication log book and review and initial co-workers entries at the beginning of each shift
  10. Provide supervision to resident’s child as requested
  11. Communicate any change in residents’ income or insurance coverage to supervisor


Minimum requirement of high school diploma or GED.  Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in a human services related field plus experience in social services preferred.  Valid driver’s license required.




Northeast Philadelphia, BH Adult Residential




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