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Registered Nurse

Type: Full-Time (40 hours)

Job Summary

To promote the mission of PATH to help individuals achieve a more independent and fulfilling life by being an effective team member.  Perform liaison duties for medical department; maintain medical supplies; coordinate patient assistance process; obtain prior authorizations for medications and other assigned duties to assist physicians in meeting consumer needs.  Provide liaison services with psychiatrist on behalf of individuals with BH/ID diagnosis, attend all psychiatric visits and follow-up with all psychiatric orders on behalf of individual’s needs.

Specific Duties

  1. Work in conjunction with PATH’s medical department to provide ancillary services as requested by psychiatrist
  2. Call medication into pharmacy as directed by physicians
  3. Call medical specialists, residential programs, etc. as directed by physicians
  4. Maintain medical supplies and medications, ensuring that expired medications are disposed per Path policy.
  5. Meet with pharmaceutical representative as assigned
  6. Coordinate and monitor patient assistance program as assigned
  7. Obtain prior authorization for medications as assigned by physicians
  8. Distribute labeled medications as assigned by physicians
  9. Evaluate and assess the needs of individuals on caseload who are diagnosed with behavioral health and intellectual disabilities
  10. Coordinate efforts directed toward meeting the needs of individuals on caseload
  11. Provide liaison services as follow-up to psychiatric visits as requested by psychiatrist
  12. Work closely with psychiatrist and other medical professionals supporting the individual’s care
  13. Coordinate all case management functions and service activities as discussed with PATH psychiatrist
  14. Monitor individuals progress in day and/or residential programs and maintain communications with representatives from those programs
  15. Meet all productivity requirements
  16. Participate in psychiatric appointments for individuals on caseload
  17. Maintain case records and progress notes in compliance with PATH policies and procedures
  18. Be aware of individual’s financial liabilities, coordinate any financial changes with the Billing Department, and assist individuals in securing third party resources when indicated
  19. Be familiar with administration of LAI, Narcan and obtaining UDS, utilizing breathalyzer, Oral swabs and other diagnostic tools.
  20. Cooperate with Clozapine Monitoring Program Nurse and other ancillary service as needed.
  21. Obtain supplies from pharmacy as needed.
  22. Keep strict account of number of medications ordered and administered for control substances.
  23. Review with medical director prior to order medications from pharmacy.
  24. Keep office organized and clean.


Successful completion of RN program and an active PA RN license in good standing.  At least 1 year experience in the provision of nursing care.  Valid driver’s license and car required.


Medical Department Philadelphia, PA


40 Hours per Week


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