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Quality Improvement Specialist/Certified Investigator

Type: Full-Time (40 hours per week)

Job Summary

The Quality Improvement Specialist/Certified Investigator will support the work of the QI unit of Systems & Evaluation, with the primary role of Certified Investigator for both Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disabilities programs. Once assigned to an investigation, the individual in this role will be responsible for initiating the investigation within the required timeframe as dictated by program regulations and agency policy, completing all steps of the investigation including interviewing involved individuals receiving services and staff; collecting, documenting, and preserving evidence in line with regulatory requirements; writing the investigation report; submitting the report to the QI Manager for review/approval; and final submission of the report based on agency policy. The Quality Improvement Specialist/Certified Investigator will support the work of the QI Manager related to incident reporting, audits, and other tasks and duties as assigned.

Specific Duties

  1. Conduct investigation according to ODP requirements, including:
    1. Begin investigations within required timeframe, including being on-site within 24 hours
    2. Develop investigation question
    3. Interview all involved parties, including alleged victim(s), witness(es), and perpetrator(s)
    4. Collect, examine, document, and store evidence
    5. Write investigation report in a clear, concise, and coherent manner, with focus on facts, such that any reader would be able to understand the chain of events
    6. Present recommendations regarding solutions for resolving incident and prevention of future occurrences
    7. Upon review and approval from QI Manager and others as needed, submit investigation report to Administrative Review Team
    8. Submit required information to PA state incident reporting site, EIM, in accordance with program requirements and regulations
    9. Participate in Certified Interviewer Peer Review process and other related agency processes as needed
    10. Utilize critical thinking, objectivity, confidentiality, flexibility, person-centeredness, and thoroughness throughout

Quality Improvement:

  1. File incident reports and assist with tracking for root cause analyses and other required unusual incident reporting
  2. Track incident reports to be received based on Medication Administration Record (MAR) audits, verbal reports in QI & Compliance Committee meetings, and other sources as applicable
  3. Assist with audits, including compliance audits and clinical audits
  4. Track drills and other documentation required to ensure compliance with CARF accreditation requirements
  5. Assist with survey administration and tracking including program satisfaction surveys, CARF surveys, satisfaction calls, suggestion box feedback, and other feedback mechanisms as needed


Bachelor’s Degree in human services or related field (e.g. social work, counseling, criminal justice, etc.).  Prior experience in an ID/BH provider setting preferred. Prior experience in investigations and/or incident management preferred.  Successful completion of Certified Interviewer training; must pass exam within 3 months of hire dependent on ODP course availability.  ODP prerequisites and Certified Interviewer training within 3 months of hire.  Must have valid Driver’s License and reliable use of personal vehicle.  Initial Health Appraisal required.Excellent computer skills; proficiency with MS Office Products, particularly Word, Excel, and Power Point .  Must be 21 years of age or older; must be able to work on-call schedule to meet ODP requirement of arriving at an investigation site within 24 hours of incident. Excellent report writing and analysis skills.




40 Hours per Week


$39,832  annually


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