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Program Manager Alternative Education Program

Type: Full-time (40 Hours per week)

Job Summary

To promote the mission of PATH to help individuals achieve a more independent and fulfilling life by managing an effective team to provide quality services.

Specific Duties

  1. Effectively supervise assigned therapists
  2. Maintain compliance with DPW’s 55 PA Code Chapter 5200; Psychiatric Outpatient Clinics
  3. Monitor service provision to ensure that each youth and family receive quality, effective and appropriate clinical services
  4. Ensure that the evidence based and/or promising practices identified by the program director are utilized in the delivery of therapeutic services
  5. Monitor CEP service area to ensure health and safety of CEP participants and refer physical issues to CEP school administration 
  6. Ensure youth and their families gain access to needed psychiatric, medical, social, financial and other appropriate services
  7. Ensure appropriate consultation with the psychiatrist and others involved in the provision and/or coordination of service for each youth and family
  8. Meet productivity standards as assigned
  9. Provide direct service as assigned by the program director
  10. Manage petty cash and other financial resources specific to behavior health services at CEP as assigned by the program director
  11. Appropriately schedule and ensure proper usage of program vehicle
  12. Ensure prompt and appropriate response to crisis situations in the school providing intervention for all students as indicated
  13. Participate in the provision of behavioral health staff availability 24 hours/7days a week as assigned to provide crisis coverage for all enrolled students which includes responding to phone calls within 10 minutes
  14. Develop collaborative relationships with CEP school personnel and a variety of community based organizations
  15. Market the Behavioral Health Program at CEP to school community and obtain referrals
  16. Participate in school related events such as Back to School nights
  17. Carefully review, follow-up, add appropriate clarification and process all incident reports generated by your team in a timely fashion
  18. Carefully review, follow-up, add appropriate clarification and process all BH Review Committee Minutes generated by your team in a timely fashion
  19. In the absence of the PATH/CEP Services Director, effectively oversee and direct PATH/CEP Services
  20. Participate in the development of proposals as requested


Masters or Doctoral degree in Behavioral Health Discipline and hold licensure as a LMFT, LCSW or LPC.  At least three years experience in the provision of behavioral health treatment for children, adolescents and families.  Driver’s License and use of personal vehicle required. 


Alternative Education Program (AEP) Philadelphia


$52,125 annually

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