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Program Director - BH/ID Residential and Treatment

Type: Full-Time (40 hours/week)

Job Summary

To promote the mission of PATH to help individuals achieve a more independent and fulfilling life by  managing an effective team to provide quality services.  Responsible for the overall supervision of the BH/ID Residential Treatment Programs which includes the Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF)  and the Residential Treatment Facility/Adults (RTFA) for young adults. Ensure Programs utilize Evidence Based Practices.  Work collaboratively with providers to develop comprehensive supports for individuals with co-occurring I/DD and behavioral health needs who may experience complexities associated with neurodevelopmental issues, trauma, and challenging behavior.

Specific Duties

  1. Effectively operate the Residential Treatment Programs which includes  the BH/ID program, the  RTFA and the Psychiatric Treatment Program  (PRTF).
  2. Maintain and enforce compliance with Office of Developmental Programs Community Homes for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Regulations; 55 Code Chapter 6400, Chapter 51 Intellectual Disabilities Services,  DPW’s 55 PA Code Chapter 3800 (Child Residential and Day Treatment Facilities Regulations) OMHSAS’s Memo dated November 1995 titles: DPW’s 55PA code chapter 23 related to Residential treatment facilities; DPW Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility dated 4/17/06; Requirements for Licensure of Residential Treatment Facilities for Adults; CARF program standards; and CBH requirements.
  3. Directly supervise Program Director, Program Manager, and other assigned staff.
  4. Oversee admissions, assignment and discharge of residents.
  5. Ensure individuals gain access to needed psychiatric, medical, social, financial and other appropriate services.
  6. Ensure psychiatric treatment and consultation.
  7. Ensure trauma-informed care and recovery principles are provided in all programs.
  8. Oversee evidence-based practices for holistic comprehensive services and interventions to address cognitive disabilities, behavioral health symptoms and the need for habilitation support.
  9. Ensure ongoing comprehensive training for staff to develop and enhance skills related to specialized populations and their complex issues related to trauma, neurodevelopmental conditions, brain injuries, and physical health conditions.
  10. Ensure supervisory coverage and availability 24 hours/7days a week to provide crisis coverage for program which includes responding to phone calls within 10 minutes and providing face to face intervention as indicated to resolve a crisis.
  11. Monitor physical sites and coordinate with Facilities Department to ensure health and safety of residents.
  12. Ensure positive working environment that meets standards of the Office Of Developmental Programs, CBH, OCYS, OMHSAS and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Licensing and OSHA Standards.
  13. Ensure cleanliness of all homes.
  14. Meet productivity standards.
  15. Provide direct service as needed, especially during staff vacancies.
  16. Oversee and manage petty cash and other financial resources specific to programs.
  17. Ensure opportunities for residents to engage in community integration are provided.
  18. Appropriately schedule and ensure proper usage of program vehicles.
  19. Develop SOP’s and maintain an approved, up-to-date SOP manual. 
  20. Coordinate continued stay reviews with funding sources, monitoring entities, and members of each resident’s treatment team on a regular basis.
  21. Ensure incidents reports are submitted and completed according to best practice/ licensing requirements, optimizing the safety of individuals in service and keeping with the PATH, Philadelphia IDS, and ODP policies and procedures, as well as HCSIS requirements in accordance with all funding entities
  22. Carefully review, follow-up, add appropriate clarification and process all incident reports generated by the  Program in a timely fashion.
  23. Carefully review, follow-up, add appropriate clarification and process all BH/ID Review Committee Minutes generated by the Residential Treatment Program in a timely fashion.
  24. Develop collaborative relationships with a variety of community-based organizations.  Represent the agency at meetings of professional, civic or other interested community groups including but not limited to the Coalition/Alliance, IDS, ODP,CBH,OCYS, and OMHSAS
  25. Obtain referrals from gatekeepers as appropriate.
  26. Keep abreast of literature and trends affecting populations served.
  27. Serve as an effective member of Management Council.
  28. Assure the necessary completion and submission of paperwork to IDS and ODP for additional funding requests per ODP service definitions including but not limited to Supplemental Habilitation and Additional Individual Services.
  29. Participate in the development of proposals as requested.
  30. Annually review PATH’s website and other marketing materials related to the Residential Treatment Program and submit recommended changes to your supervisor for approval by the BH Director.


Masters or Doctoral degree in Behavioral Health Discipline.  At least five years experience including supervisory in the provision of behavioral health and intellectual treatment to youth and adults.  PA Licensure in a behavioral health discipline; Valid PA driver’s license.  Excellent clinical and interpersonal skills.  Excellent writing and presentation skills.  Knowledge of residential treatment service provision for adolescents and young adults.  Must meet all OMSAS and CBH mandated requirements.


Behavioral Health & Intellectual Disabilities/Residential
 Treatment Program, Philadelphia, PA


40 Hours per week



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