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Healthcare Assistant
Community living arrangements

Type: Full-Time (40hrs. per week)

Job Summary

To promote the mission of PATH to help individuals achieve a more independent and fulfilling life by being an effective team member. Responsible, as part of the team, to assure that individuals receive all of the necessary and required healthcare supports. Levels of healthcare support will vary and range from acute to chronic.

Specific Duties

  1. Appointments:  Per Departmental Procedure.
    1. Schedule appointments in consultation with the nurse.
    2. Communicate scheduled appointments to all relevant parties.
    3. Assist in preparation of individuals for medical appointments.
    4. Communicate medical instructions to individuals/staff/family.
    5. Document appointments, medical instructions and other relevant information.
    6. Accompany and transport individuals to and from medical appointments.
    7. In consultation with nurse and appropriate team members, develop appropriate questions to ask and identify relevant information to bring to the medical appointment.
    8. Advocate on behalf of the individual with regard to healthcare needs.
  2. After Appointments:  Per Departmental Procedure.
    1. Share and document information with the nurse and other relevant team members following medical appointment.
    2. Assure that prescriptions are filled.
    3. In consultation with nurse and other relevant team members, complete follow-up as recommended.
  3. Work in conjunction with the team in handling insurance issues, securing medical supplies, and adaptive equipment.
  4. Participate in team meetings and be fully aware of individuals’ health issues and health plans.
  5. Respond to need for emergency medical care/appointments by modifying working hours, as necessary.
  6. Complete all other required documentation related to health care of individuals.
  7. Attend all necessary and ancillary training to assure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  8. Adhere to all policies and procedures regarding confidentiality.
  9. Assure appointments are kept by consulting with team nurse before any appointment is cancelled (e.g. call out sick, other appointments, transportation conflicts, running late, etc.
  10. In consultation with the nurse and program supervisor, provide coverage at site, as needed.
  11. In consultation with the nurse, maintain medical resource file and secure additional medical resources, as necessary
  12. Complete daily Service Activity Logs


High school diploma or equivalent.  2 years of relevant experience.  Certified Nursing Assistant preferred.  Valid driver’s license required for primary job duty of transporting consumers to/from medical appointments.  Use of personal vehicle may be necessary for other job-related tasks, but not required.  Physical examination is required, including TB test by the intracutaneous mantoux method no more than six months prior to employment and every two years thereafter. Must be able to modify working hours and respond expediently to emergency situations.


Community Living Arrangements, Northeast Philadelphia


$28,953.00 annually ($13.92)




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