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Director of Human Resources Service Center

Type: Full-Time (40-hrs/wk)

Job Summary

To promote the mission of PATH to help individuals achieve a more independent and fulfilling life by managing an effective team to provide quality services. Responsible for managing and providing oversight Human Resources Department.

Specific Duties

  1. Introduce new uses of technology to HR department under supervision to most accurately and efficiently complete all necessary department functions.
  2. Ensure that each department function has a staff member capable of performing duties in the event of staff absence
  3. Oversee the development of SOP’s and ensure maintenance of an up- to-date SOP Manual for HR policies.
  4. Act as the system Administrator for ADP HRIS and Time and Attendance software
  5. Ensure data integrity across the ADP software system and ensure integration with additional 3rd party software packages related to HRIS system
  6. Oversee the design, testing, and implementation of new and existing HR modules in the ADP application software
  7. Provide technical assistance on application performance issues, optimization and enhancement; ensure updates of the ADP software application and 3rd party applications
  8.  Manage, in conjunction, with the IT department security protocols surrounding the ADP software application
  9. Train, coach and develop materials for functional groups to utilize ADPs software application
  10. Oversee integration of LMS system with ADP in conjunction with the Training Department
  11. Evaluate current work flow in HR and make recommendation relative to the automation projects
  12. Oversee the update of position changes in ADP and ensure that accurate information is maintained on all staff positions
  13. Conduct studies to analyze HR data such as turnover, length of stay, affirmative action compliance, salary surveys, etc.
  14. Keep abreast of current literature and trends affecting the HR activities of the agency
  15. Provide overall supervision and support to the Human Resources department ensuring optimal departmental performance
  16. Provide general oversight of human resources functions including administration, reception, recruitment activities, employee labor relations issues, disciplinary action and investigations
  17. Oversee HR Requirements of licensing compliance for Clinical Programs
  18. Oversee recruitment of agency’s vacant positions
  19. Analyze impact of new regulations and/or reporting requirements and changes to existing regulations and/or reporting requirements for all licensing and funding authorities in relation to HR functions. Direct response to changes in HR procedures as needed.
  20. Ensure knowledge and compliance with all applicable labor laws, benefits, changes in regulations, and best practices
  21. Provide oversight and assistance in developing and maintaining highly effective automated systems for human resources functions
  22. Ensure oversight of agency’s HR policies, salary plan and fringe benefit package.
  23. Monitor that the agency clearances for Criminal History, Child Abuse, FBI, and Employee Health Appraisal are updated per policy
  24. Oversee that all HR Policies and Procedures are followed
  25. Participate in consultation regarding disciplinary issues for determination of action taken Provide oversight for coordination of agency special events, such as the agency nosh and staff recognition dinner.


Master’s degree in Human Services administration or related field; At least five years experience, including management/supervisory, or equivalent combination or education and experience, in project management/supervision, Human Resources Operations and Administration, ADP proficiency preferred; Driver’s License/Use of own vehicle required; Excellent computer skills including ability to create Excel spreadsheets; proficiency with MS Office Products, particularly Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, and Publisher. Familiarity with using Management Information Systems and electronic databases, reporting software as well as human resources software; Excellent writing, analytical, and presentation skills. Strong data analysis and reporting. Knowledge of intellectual disabilities and behavioral health fields preferred.


Administrative/Executive Office

Availability date



$76,856 ($36.95/hr.)

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