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CLA Program Specialist

Type: Full-Time (40 hours per week)

Job Summary

To promote the mission of PATH to help individuals achieve a more independent and fulfilling life by managing the demands of your caseload in an effective manner. Responsible for overseeing a consumer caseload of as many as 30 individuals and providing program management in accordance with Community Homes for Individuals with Intellectual Disability Regulations, Chapter 6400.

Specific Duties

  1. Consistent with Community Homes for Individuals with Intellectual Disability Regulations, Chapter 6400, the role of a Program Specialist will document the following as it pertains to the ISP process:
  2. Formulates individual goals for consumers on caseload, to be discussed at the Annual ISP meeting and reviewed quarterly.
  3. Completes annual assessment for each consumer on caseload in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  4. Provides the assessment for the development of the ISP, ISP Annual Update and all ISP revisions.
  5. Participates in the development of the ISP, ISP Annual Update and ISP revisions.
  6. Fulfills the role of the Plan Lead.
  7. Reviews the ISP, ISP Annual Update and all ISP revisions for content accuracy.
  8. Reports content discrepancies to the supports coordinator and plan team members.
  9. Ensures that the ISP is implemented as written.
  10. Supervises monitors and evaluates that services are being provided as written in the ISP.
  11. Reviews, signs and dates the monthly documentation of an individual’s participation and progresstowards outcomes.
  12. Reports changes related to the individual’s needs to the supports coordinator as applicable, and plan team members.
  13. Reviews the ISP with the individuals, as required, and document the review.
  14. Provides documentation for the plan review to the supports coordinator, as applicable, and plan team members.
  15. Informs plan team members of the option to decline the ISP review documentation.
  16. Recommends revisions to services or outcomes in the ISP to the supports coordinator and plan team members.
  17. Coordinates the services provided to the individual pertaining to the residential program
  18. Maintain a caseload of not more than 30 residents
  19. Follow up on Monthly Monitoring Concern sheets with Program Specialist Manager, CLA Residential Supervisor, and Assistant Director
  20. Attend program meetings, Team meetings, ISP Meetings, SIS Meetings, QEST Reviews, Visions for Equality Monitoring , Behavior support meetings and Support Coordination monitoring, keeping all relevant supervisors (Program Specialist Manager, CLA Residential Supervisor, and Assistant Director) informed of clinical and client relevant issues.
  21. Track and ensure the implementation of health promotions as outlined in the ISP
  22. Participate with HR related issues, especially as it relates to following the ISP
  23. Communicate clinical, client, and ISP related issues in a timely manner within and across teams including, Program Specialist Manager, Assistant Director, CLA Residential Supervisor, Health Care and Supports Coordinator
  24. Complete Independence  Time Summaries (ITS) to match the needs of individuals, ensuring that each ITS is current
  25. Follow up and correct any concerns from program chart audits
  26. Support CLA Residential Supervisor in training RST’s regarding ISP’s as necessary
  27. Participate in development of behavior plans
  28. Communicate with team members regarding introductions and supervisory changes: ( i.e. intro letter to family and team members with  name and contact information for Program Specialist,  CLA Residential Supervisor Assistant Director,  Behavior Specialist and other important contact numbers)
  29. Complete Page 2’s of psychiatric report: Treatment Report and Outcome Tracking Form.
  30. Complete Social Emotional Environmental Plans (SEEP) in coordination with CLA Residential Supervisor
  31. Support family/guardians of residents by serving as the lead contact for questions, issues or concerns
  32. Assist with financial redetermination in coordination with ID Support Personnel and CLA Residential Supervisor
  33. Support resident with completion of HUD Housing Application
  34. Support resident in completing voter registration, tax returns, jury duty forms and other essential governmental paperwork.
  35. Work closely with the Residential Supervisor to coordinate and provide quality clinical care and monitor and document accurate days of service
  36. Create resident specific Elopement Plans
  37.  Meet regularly with your supervisor and inform them of relevant  clinical, client and programmatic issues
  38. Complete licensing scoresheets in conjunction with CLA Residential Supervisor
  39. In conjunction with the Program Specialist Manager coordinate specific training of RSTs regarding consumer Program Plans as needed.


Bachelor’s degree required with (2) years’ experience working with individuals with intellectual disabilities, Master’s degree and one (1) year experience working directly with persons with intellectual disabilities. Driver’s License and use of own personal vehicle required.  Must have excellent writing, analytical, presentation, clinical and interpersonal skills.


8220 Castor Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia


40 Hours per Week


$36,774.00 - $41,454.00 annually
Salary commensurate with degree & experience

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