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Associate Program Director – Residential treatment facility

Type: Full-Time (40 hrs. per week)

Job Summary

To promote the mission of PATH to help individuals achieve a more independent and fulfilling life by managing an effective team to provide quality services.

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Specific Duties

  1. Provide supervision at assigned Residential Treatment site
  2. Maintain and enforce compliance with DPW’s 55 PA Code Chapter 3899 (Child Residential and Day Treatment Facilities Regulations) OMHSAS’s Memo date November 1995 titles:  Requirements for Licensure of Residential Treatment Facilities for Adults; DHS and CBH requirements
  3. Interview and assess individuals for program admission as assigned by the program director
  4. Regularly observe and provide feedback/Supervision to Residential Treatment Associates to ensure that their interactions with each resident are consistent with the individual’s treatment and rehabilitation plans
  5. Ensure individuals gain access to needed psychiatric, medical, social, financial and other appropriate services
  6. Ensure that all relevant information is communicated to the psychiatrist and all other team members
  7. Monitor program site to ensure health and safety of residents
  8. Ensure that the housekeeping, dietary and other basic life needs of each resident are being met
  9. Ensure that medications are monitored in accordance with PATH policies and procedures
  10. Ensure cleanliness and orderliness of site at all times
  11. Ensure opportunities for residents to engage in community integration are provided
  12. Schedule Residential Treatment Associates to ensure adequate program coverage at all times
  13. Provide direct service as needed, especially during staff vacancies
  14. Participate in the provision of 24 hour/7 days a week supervisory coverage which includes responding to phone calls within 10 minutes and providing face to face intervention as indicated to resolve a crisis or provide coverage as needed
  15. Manage petty cash and other financial resources specific to the residential treatment program as assigned
  16. Appropriately schedule and ensure proper usage of program vehicles
  17. Carefully review, follow up, correct and process all incident reports generated by your assigned program in a timely fashion
  18. Carefully review, follow up, correct and process all BH Review Committee Minutes as assigned by the Residential Treatment Services Director
  19. Develop collaborative relationships with a variety of community based and vocational organizations
  20. Participate in the development of proposals as requested


Masters degree in Behavioral Health Discipline from an accredited college/university.  At least three years experience in the provision of behavioral health treatment for children, youth and adults.  Supervisory experience preferred.   Must be a Licensed Mental Health professional.  Valid driver’s license and ability to drive agency vehicle. 


Residential Treatment Facility (House B), Northeast Philadelphia, PA


Full-Time (40 hrs. per week)


$52,125.00 annually

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